Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Vaibhav had lost his mother when he was just five. It was his 10th birthday next week. Papa asked him, what he would like to have as a birthday gift. Vaibhav said, “Papa how much do you earn in a day?” Papa looked surprised and asked, “Why do you ask, Son?” Vaibhav said, “Would you spend one day’s salary on my birthday gift?” Papa replied, “Sure son, but I wish you would let me know, what it is that you want.” Vaibhav said, “Please papa, don’t insist, I’ll tell you on my birthday.”

On the morning of Vaibhav’s birthday, his father went to his room to wake him up. It was Saturday and the school was closed. Outside the door was a message, taped neatly. It said: “Dear Papa; this is what I want from you today: Please take today off from work. If you can do it, please turn to the back of this page, if you cannot it’s okay too. I love you just the same. Love, from Vaibhav.”

Father found the request quite odd, so he decided to read the reverse side of the page. It said: “Now that you are going to be home, this is what we’ll do today:

8 AM Please wake me up and we’ll have a bath in the tub together.
9 AM We shall have breakfast and I’ll make toast and coffee for you. Then we’ll bake my birthday cake together.
11 AM We’ll play video games, just you and me.
12 Noon We’ll go to the beach and float paper boats in the seawater, just as we did when I was smaller.
2 PM We’ll take a nap in my room, on my bed.
3.30 PM We’ll play cricket in the park.
5 PM We’ll go for a swim at the club.
7 PM We’ll watch a movie together in bed and have dinner in bed too.
9 PM We’ll sleep together in your bed, for I love the smell of your hair after you shower at bed time.

Dad, I promise we’ll enjoy our day together.”

Father picked up the phone and left a message on the voice mail of his boss, “Sir, I have to take today off as something urgent needs my attention. Kindly sanction leave to me. Thanks.”

Children want more than anything else, your time. Take time off to be with your child. Take time off to give him/her love. When they grow up, they will not have time for you, if you do not have time for them today.