He Is My Son

A young boy had all the comforts of home. He had a caring family, but for some reason he had acquired many vices and had really gone astray. He was truly a spoilt brat. His father was very perturbed about his son’s ways. One day the father met his old friend. The friend asked him about his son. He wanted to know whether the boy had improved or was still good for nothing.

The father, unable to look his friend in the eye said, “He is still pretty bad. In fact, behaves worse than he did, when you last met him.” The friend frowned and said, “How can you tolerate him? If he were my son, I would throw him out of my house.”

At this the father looked straight into the eyes of his friend and said softly, “Yes, I would surely do that too, if he were yours. But the irony of fate is … he is not your son, he is mine!”

That is such a profound statement. Parents never give up on their children. How so ever badly they may behave, parents never give up hope of reforming. They are truly committed to believing in their children and loving them unconditionally and unselfishly. Like they say, “There is only one perfect child in the world and each mother has him!”

If you are at pain about your children or anyone else for that matter, just remember – Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day!