Heaven Or Hell

Heaven Or Hell

A man requested God to allow him to have a glimpse of Heaven and that of Hell too. God said, “Alright, my Angel shall show you both through the windows, for no one is allowed to enter either, till he dies.”

The man with the special permission stood outside a window accompanied by an angel. He saw many people inside. They had no elbows. Their arm bones were single and straight, right from the shoulder to the wrist. They could not bend their arms at the elbow. On the side were tables laden with the best of food. The man said, “This must be heaven, they have such wonderful food to eat.” But the angel said, “Look closely.” They picked up the food with their hands, but were unable to convey it to their mouths for want of being able to bend their elbows. So they were hungry and helpless. All of them were crying. The angel explained, “Despite so much being available to them, they cannot enjoy it. This is hell.”

As they walked further. They looked through another window. The people inside too, had no elbow joints. There were similar tables laden with sumptuous food. But here, everyone looked happy. Why? Because they were picking up the food and putting it into each other’s mouths! Sure, they could not feed themselves, but they could feed others! Others could feed them! “That my friend is heaven,” said the Angel.

Isn’t it true that hell or heaven is our own creation? How we handle our selves, in our own circumstances, is what causes the creation of heaven or hell around us. Those who live only for themselves are unhappy. Sharing and caring are of utmost importance. If you distribute love and care, it always comes back to you. If you are a dealer in hate, can you expect to get anything but hate?

This reminds me of the age old truth: Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.