How To Strengthen A Relationship!

A psychology professor was well-known for his expertise, in-depth knowledge, and practical wisdom. Once, there arose a mighty quarrel among some of his students. They all fought bitterly, and for a long time there was a lot of animosity and hatred in the air. The other students were quite concerned about restoring the peace and serenity of the college atmosphere. Some approached the psychology professor for a solution. It was believed that he had a technique that was guaranteed to bring love and harmony among the students. They requested the kind professor to help them find a solution to this hatred and distrust. The professor suggested the following solution.

The professor revealed the technique, “Whenever you are with anyone or you think of anyone, simple say unto yourself, ‘I’m dying and this person too is dying.’ Try to experience mentally the truth of these words. If every one of you agrees to practice this, there will be no bitterness any longer, and pure harmony will arise.”

No one believes deep down that he is going to die one day. However, everyone knows that he has to die one day or another, but no one ‘feels or believes’ that he is going to die. All the problems of the world arise out of this simple truth that no one believes in his death. A person who is reminded of his death frequently would never develop hatred and animosity towards other persons. The thought that “I am going to die and the other person is also going to die,” would transform anyone to be a better person. Only then will true love prevail.