I Love My Parents

Shashi and her husband were the proud parents of two young boys. They lived in Mumbai. In the normal course of growing up and pursuing their higher education, both the boys went abroad.

The older one, one day told his parents, “Mom and Dad, I have something to share with you. I met a girl while I was in the United States and wish to marry her.” The parents were pleased but apprehensive. “Who is she? What does she do?” asked Shashi anxiously. The son chose his words carefully, “Mom, she is a white girl!” Now, that was something, they did not expect. They were an orthodox Hindu family. But, the son was very sure that he wanted to marry, the girl.

Well! They got married and lived in the United States. Many years later, Shashi was told by a friend, “Shashi, I met your daughter-in-law recently, at a party. She told me a strange thing. She said that your son, although, madly in love with her, had laid a condition before he had married her.” “Oh! What was it?” asked Shashi in surprise. “He had said to his fiancé, “I have a condition. You have to promise me that you shall not question or object to anything that I may wish to do for my parents or any expenditure that I may ever wish to make for them. I have a strong relationship with them and the very fact that I love you does not mean that I do not love them!”

What a revelation! Shashi and her husband were both lawyers. They were earning well enough to have a very comfortable life. But, those words that her son had said touched her heart.

Many of the senior members of our society may not be financially independent. They may have to extend a palm in front of their children for their daily needs and expenses. Young men and women! Whether or not your parents are in need of financial help, make it a point to give them something out of what you earn. They shall bless you for it!

Incidentally, last year, we had gone to Singapore for a vacation. During one of our sightseeing tours, we had an elderly tourist guide, called Kim. She was an absolute tomboy full of vim and vigour. She said to all the children in the coach, including ours. “Children, your parents have brought you to Singapore, for a holiday. Are you having fun?” “Yes,” Chorused the fifteen odd children in the coach. “Good, now all of you promise me, that when you are all grown up and your parents are old, you shall bring them for a holiday to Singapore!”

What a beautiful thought!

Our parents give us their best, to the best of their ability. In turn, it is our duty to give them our best, to the best of our ability. Yes, FAMILY means, Father And Mother I Love You!