I Will Reply To You Tomorrow!

There is a story about the sufi fakir – Junaid. If someone cursed him or called his name, he would say, “Tomorrow I’ll come and reply.” The next day he would go and say, “Now no reply is needed.” If the person would ask, “Yesterday I called your name why did you not reply then and there? You are a strange man. Normally if a person is called by name he replies immediately, does not hesitate even for a moment.”

Junaid said, “My guru taught me that if you quickly reply then you will not be concious of your reply , so let some time pass. If someone calls your name and you reply immediately your reply would have been made in inconsciousness, because the bitterness has enveloped you, the heat is in your head, the smoke is in your eyes. Give twenty four hours time, then reply.”

Do you think that if a person waits for twenty four hours, he can still be angry? Even twenty four seconds later, anger is not possible! The truth is that even if for one second the person waits, and becomes aware, then anger is impossible.