If You Honour Your Mother, The Mother Of The Universe Will Guard You Against Harm!

Bhishma was a mighty warrior; he was famous for the grandeur and glory that he won, through both detachment and Divine Grace.

In the vicinity of his Kingdom, Bhishma once had to encounter a person called Gadadhara. This man had undergone severe austerity and received from God as a reward for pleasing Him, an invincible discus Chakra (wheel) so people hailed him as a Chakradhara (the wielder of the Divine Wheel-Weapon)!

The fellow had become so insolent and wicked that he wrote a most insulting missive to Bhishma, on the death of Shantanu, Bhishma’s father. Chakradhara wrote, “Either send the widowed queen to my palace or meet me in battle!” Who could tolerate such insults and keep quiet? Bhishma said to himself, “What is my life worth, if I cannot avenge this insult, if I cannot save my mother’s honour?” But, the Brahmanas of the court advised him that he should engage himself in combat with Chakradhara only after ten days; for during the ten-day-period after the death of his father, he had ceremonial pollution and during that period, he should not handle the Divine missiles he had with him.

He could not utter then, the holy mantras which can activate them. “Finish the religious rites to appease the departed soul of your father and then, destroy the foe in battle,” they advised.

Bhishma realised the propriety of their counsel and sent a message to Chakradhara, inviting him for the combat ten days later! But, Chakradhara could not delay that long; he was itching for victory; he directed his newly won weapon at Bhishma! But, a wonderful thing happened! That Chakra which had come from the hand of God would not harm a son who was doing his scriptural duty, performing the Vedic rites! It rotated in the sky for ten days, waiting for the funeral- pollution period to end!

When one is devoted to his duty, one is surrounded by such powerful protecting influences that no injurious force-dare approach. That is the way grace operates. Personal skill when reinforced by Divine Grace, can work wonders.

The amount of sacrifice involved in giving birth to a child by the mother and rearing that child with continuous care and love is beyond description. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the life you lead are all the gifts of your parents. If you do not honour your parents, who are verily the ‘creators’ in human form, how can you learn to honour the Creator in Divine Form?”

The ancients accorded the highest place of honour to the mother and declared: “Matru Devo Bhava” (Esteem the mother as Divine). Wherever women are honoured there is prosperity and happiness. Women should never be slighted or treated with disrespect. A home in which a woman sheds tears will be bereft of all prosperity.