Inner Purity

One day, the Pandit came excitedly and told Rabidas, a cobbler, “My friend! Today the queen is coming to have the holy bath. I have been called to do the rituals; for today is a very special day, whoever has a dip in mother Ganga could emerge all pure. Do Come! Don’t miss this opportunity” Rabidas shook his head and said “Man changa to katooti me Ganga”, pointing to his leather bag, (if mind is pure Ganga will be in my leather bag).

Angrily the Pandit went away muttering, “When will this fool understand the truth and try to earn God’s Grace?” His life will be spent in the company of this disgusting leather only’.

In the evening the Pandit came panting, “Rabi! What a miracle occurred today! Ganga Mayya Blessed our queen with a golden bangle and told her she will get the second one when a person as pure and as devoted as she come to there to dip in the holy river. Tomorrow the whole city of Kashi will come and see who that lucky Blessed person is”.

Rabi said “My dear friend! It must be you only; for who can be more purer and devoted than you who take hundreds of people for holy bath every day?”

Pleased and puffed up with pride the Pandit said, “I know it must be me only. Tomorrow I will be the first person to take the holy dip”.

Next day, the Pundit came late in the evening with an air of dejection over him. Rabi asked “So, my friend did you get the second bangle?

Rabi closed his eyes and silently prayed “Oh mother, why don’t you save this poor Pundit from this dilemma? I know you are everywhere and manifest anything at any time. Then he put his hand into his leather bag and Lo! Wonder of wonders! A shinning gold bangle emerged!

The Pandit was spellbound at this great miracle. He bowed down to the cobbler in all humility.

“My dear, you have opened my eyes. All work is worship of God; Inner Purity is greater than Outer Purity.