Innocent Love

A little boy who was only eight, liked to do everything like a grown up kid. He loved to hug and kiss his mother many times a day. He had a naughty way of holding her hand, kissing it and saying to her, “Will you marry me?” She would laugh and say, “If I hadn’t married your father, you wouldn’t have been here!” But he would counter her and say, “You can still marry me. I’ll share you with Dad. You can spend your day with me and I’ll let you spend the night with Dad.” His innocence and naughtiness together with love for his mother was too touching, yet comical to be taken offence to.

One day, his mother glanced on the Memo-board that hung in the bedroom of her son. Most of the time it used to be scribbled over with reminders to buy crayons, GI Joes, sketch pens, chocolates and the like. She stared at the writing on it – “100 hugs and kisses for Mama.” She smiled and cried at the same time, thinking to herself, “… as if he ever forgets to do it.”

The innocence and love of the child in making a note to remind himself to hug and kiss her crushed her. How often we feel that there is no time to show love. But if we make a mental note to do so, perhaps we can find time to do it.