Intoxicating Water

Intoxicating Water

The Mayor of the city had gone out for a trip. In his absence a wicked man mixed something in the water reservoir such that all the water that was being supplied to all the houses was laced with a drug that caused people to behave like lunatics. In a day or two the behaviour of everyone became weird.

People roamed the streets, screaming, dancing and abusing. Young girls and women roamed around in the day and night half-clad, their hair open and unkempt, their faces layered with war paint. The whole city was awake even at night. Loud music played. People zipped around on bikes or in cars unmindful of traffic rules. Mothers left their children crying while they danced and ran around in a crazy fashion passing lewd comments.

Everyone went mad. The worst part was that no one could point it out because everyone had gone mad, so no one was aware of what had happened.

People were painting their hair in weird shades of orange and blue. They were painting images of snakes and scorpions on their arms and chests. They were eating and drinking at all times, unmindful of whether it was night or day.

People lay on the streets to sleep when they got fagged out. Babies were crying but the mothers were too drunk to care.

Then, one day the mayor came back. He was horrified at what he saw. He tried to shake people up and bring them back to their senses but they all thought that the Mayor had gone mad. So they called him names and even threatened to remove him from the post and disgrace him publically. The Mayor sat down, deep in thought. He tried to understand what had happened. What was the common element that all of them could have been exposed to except air and water? And then he realised … Yes! It must be the water! So he went to check out the town water reservoir and sure enough; he found a can of intoxicant lying there. He drained the entire tank and cleaned it personally. He then allowed it to fill up with fresh and clean water. In a day or two people started returning to their senses.

Dear reader, please pause here for a minute! Read carefully …

Isn’t this what the state of our society is today? People are behaving as if they are under the influence of an intoxicant. What is needed is a ‘Mayor’ who chops off the free supply of intoxicants, drugs, narcotics and even access to too much on the Internet. The free and easy availability of adult content on the Internet is poisoning our children’s innocent minds. It is no less than an intoxicant or a dangerous drug. Youth is the stage in life when the mind is soft and impressionable. Sometimes people don’t even realise that they are on the wrong track till someone physically shakes them back to their senses.

Dear parents! Do keep an eye on your children. Be informed of what they are doing. Our future and the future of the Nation; of humanity depends on how our children shape up!
Everything that we consume through the senses, whether it is food, water, air, thoughts, ideas, music, movies etc. affects our minds. So, let’s be careful of everything that we allow in … To everything that is pollutant; just shut your doors and tell it to keep out!