Its Written On Your Face!

Once upon a time a poor old woman was walking from one village to another carrying a bundle on her head. Unable to lift it easily, she rested every now and then. A horseman passed by. The old woman requested him to carry the bundle on the horseback till the next village. He refused saying, “You will walk slowly and delay me and I have a long way to go.”

After a short distance the horseman thought maybe there was something valuable in the bundle with the old woman and he could actually run away with it. So he went back and told her to give him the bundle. The old woman refused.

The horseman got angry and said, “Just a few minutes ago you wanted me to carry it and now you refuse! What has changed your mind?”

With a knowing smile the old woman replied, “The same thing changed my mind, that changed your mind! Its written on your face!” And continued working on.