Jisko Ram Chhore Usko Kaun Bachaaye

Ram with his brother Lakshman and the monkey-King Sugreeva was preparing for the attack on Lanka. The mighty ocean separated them from Lanka and they were building a bridge on it. Thousands of monkeys were, in an organized fashion, passing boulders and throwing into the ocean. The stones did not sink, they floated.

Ram was sitting and thinking and watching. After some time he thought, “These monkeys are doing all the hard work, it does not look good if I just sit and watch, let me also help.”

So he got up and went and picked up a boulder, carried it to the ocean and dropped it onto the water. The boulder sank!

Ram was disturbed and agitated. What a horrible thing to happen! When the monkeys threw the boulder it came up and when he threw it, it sank! He tried again. Same result. A third time, same result.

Hanuman was watching and laughing. Ram looked at him with embarrassment.

Hanuman explained, “Hey Ram, Jisko aap ne chhor deeya Usko kaun bachaaye. . . .”

Ram smiled. He understood the devotion.