Jnana & Bhakti!

The path of devotion and dedication is the royal road, the smoothest path to spiritual success!

There were two brothers, Jnanadeva (noted for his mastery of the path of wisdom) and Bhaktideva (noted for his mastery of the path of devotion through the constant recital of the Lord’s name), going on a journey.

They were afflicted with severe thirst but could not find water anywhere in spite of a tiresome search. At last they came upon a ruined well with a little water far down its depths, but they had no means of going down the steep sides.

Jnanadeva used his power and transformed himself into a bird. The bird flew down and drank its fill, only to change itself into Jnanadeva again! Jnanadeva had the ability to assume any form because of the supreme knowledge of the self.

Bhaktideva relied upon the power of the Name. He sat on the edge of the well and called, ‘Narayana,’ in great anguish. God responded to his prayer. The water rose up to where he sat and he could gather it in his palms and quench his thirst.

Jnana requires a change in one’s form. Bhakti needs no such change. Intense loving devotion will suffice. What the devotee needs will come running to him. There is nothing greater than devotion (Bhakti).