Jyotsna was popularly known as ‘Joy’ by her friends because she was always full of joy. She had a smile and a kind word for anyone and everyone. One day her little daughter Tina wandered into the neighbour’s garden and plucked some prized chrysanthemums. Her neighbour Jenny was furious. She pressed hard on Joy’s door bell and no sooner than Joy had opened the door, she blasted her with a with a furore of abuses and anger. Joy bore the wrath of her neighbour with a smile. Then she said, “I’m so sorry about the flowers Jenny; would you like to come in? I’ll get us some coffee and we can talk it over….” That was the last reaction Jenny expected from Joy. “No,” she said brusquely, “you keep your daughter under control or else you’ll be sorry. I’m warning you.” Having said so, she marched away.

Joy called her daughter and reasoned out with her. Tina realised her mistake. But she said, “Mother, the mistake was mine, you were not at fault, but she abused you, how did you maintain your calm? Why didn’t you shout back?” Joy smiled and said, “Do you ever buy chocolates, from the garment store? Or do we ask for Jeans from the Fruit seller? If I ask you to give me Rs.1000/- do you have so much to give me?” Tina shook her head vigorously. Joy smiled and continued, “I gave her only that which I have, how can I give that which I do not possess?”

That evening when Jenny answered her doorbell, she saw a florist in the doorway. He was carrying two pots full of blooming chrysanthemum plants. A note was attached, “Dear Jenny, we are sorry for having upset you. Hope these flowers will give you some joy. – Love from Joy and Tina.”