Kabir – Weaver Of The Lord’S Name

Swami Ramanand had the habit to perform a daily Puja to Lord Ram. He did this not with his hands, but with his attention. Washing, decorating and making offerings, Ramanand’s worship was in his mind.

One day in his house, Ramanand performed his Puja. Kabir, the disciple, sat outside, separated by a curtain. To his annoyance, Ramanand realized that he had made a mistake. He had mentally placed the crown on his God before placing the garland.

The garland was not large enough in circumference to fit over the crown and the crown could not be removed once placed. What was he to do? Ramanand pondered his predicament. To remove the crown now would be disrespectful.

From outside, from behind the curtain, Kabir spoke: “Gurudev, untie the knot of the garland and then tie it around the idol’s neck”. The guru was startled. How could Kabir have known his problem? No words had been spoken. Nothing was there to be seen. The swami called his senior disciples, “Remove the curtain, for what can one hide from Kabir?” Ramanand stood up and embraced his disciple. He also began to embrace Kabir’s outspoken views. Kabir’s knowledge of the Inner Path soon gained the guru’s acceptance.

Born in a family connected to the two worlds of Hindus and Muslims, Kabir understood life. “I do not quote from the scriptures”, he wrote. “I simply say what I see”.