“You are the creator of your own destiny. Be self- confident; that is, have confidence in yourself. For, that self is Divine.” (BHAGWAN BABA)

Ancient Indian mythology tells of Kalpatarus. These were wish fulfilling trees that could grant a person anything that he wished for the moment he wished for it. The word ‘Kalpana’ means wish and ‘taru’ means tree. So a tree that could grant or fulfil wishes was called Kalpataru.

The young traveller was crossing through a lonely jungle. Being tired, he lay down under a tree to rest, not knowing that the tree where he lay was a Kalpataru. He was hungry and said, “How I wish I could get some food. I’m so hungry.” Before he could finish saying this, a plate, well-laden with steaming hot food appeared before him. As he got up to eat the food, he thought, if only there was someone to fan me in this heat; a beautiful girl perhaps! Out of nowhere a beautiful damsel appeared, holding a decorative cloth fan and started fanning him. He smiled happily and said, “Oh! I wish I could marry you, Oh beautiful lady!” At that moment, garlands of flowers appeared in their hands. They exchanged garlands and performed a “Gandharva Vivaha!”

The man said, “I wish to have many children.” Just then there were many young boys and girls around them addressing the couple as “Mother!” “Father!” By now the man started getting a little intimidated. He said, “Oh! My God! So many children! When they grow up they will fight amongst themselves ”

The man shrieked in agony, “Don’t fight my children. If you do so, I will die.”

Just as the words ‘I will die’ escaped his lips, the traveller died. The woman with the fan and the children … all vanished.

Heaven or hell they say is created in our own minds. Whatever we think, is what happens. A spider weaves a web and then gets caught in it, isn’t it?

A person can change his world by changing his thoughts. There are people who revel in self-pity. But who is to blame? Each person is responsible for his own destiny to a large extent. Look into the mirror. What do you see?

If you smile, you get a smile in return.
If you frown, you get a frown in return.

The world around you is a mirror image of the chaos or beauty inside you.

Everything is created twice in this world. Once in the mind of the creator and thereafter on a physical plane! So think only good and positive thoughts, so that even if you get entangled in your own web, at least it will be a happy one!

You have the power to draw your own world. You have the power to paint it in the colours you want to. It is in your hands. And the onus for making it lies only with you. At the same time, if what you have created is not a pleasant picture, you have nobody to blame except yourself ! So take charge of your life. Pick up your paint brush and go bindass! Follow your heart and soul; you can’t go wrong!