King Kong

There was a very strong man called King Kong. He was proud of his body and used to exercise vigorously everyday to build and maintain his sturdy and well developed muscles. One morning King Kong was doing his daily workout. A little girl happened to see him and stared at his extraordinary physique. When his eyes crossed hers, he saw that she was laughing. He was furious. He snarled at her as if he was going to batter her to bits, “Why are you laughing?” he roared.

The little one was terribly intimidated by his giant frame towering over her tiny one. She replied but timidly, “Of what use is your strength, if you do not even have that much control over your anger, that you cannot bear it, if a little girl laughs?”

He did not have an answer to give to the little girl! He lowered his head in shame.

Physical strength does not necessarily confer mental strength, forbearance or strength of character. These have to be imbibed and nurtured separately. They are perhaps more important than physical strength!

More often than not, life tests us for our mental strengths rather than our physical ones!