In a village there was a well, where the water was drawn by a bull that was tied to a huge iron wheel. As the bull would run on a circular path around the well, the wheel would move and water would be drawn up. Throughout the period when the bull was at work and the water was flowing out, there was a krack-track- krack-track noise coming from the rickety old wheel.

Some women filled water in pots to carry home for kitchen use. There were others who sat nearby, washing clothes. Everything seemed to be going on in perfect harmony to the music of Krack-track-krack-track playing in the background. A king came galloping by that way. His horse was thirsty. He called out to a villager who was sitting close by. “My horse is thirsty. I need some water.” The peasant nudged the bull and as the bull started moving on its circular track, the water started flowing along with the sound of krack-track- krack-track. The peasant said, “The water is flowing now, come bring your horse this way and let it quench its thirst.” The king led the horse to the stream of water, but the horse shied away due to the cracking sound. The king tried a couple of times, but it seemed that the horse was scared of the sound. The king said, “Stop that noise, my horse is scared of it.” The peasant said, “If I have to stop that noise, I will have to stop the bull, the noise shall stop but so shall the flow of water. If the horse wants to have the water, it shall have to have it along with the noise. There is nothing I can do to give you water without the noise!”

So, the horse after much coaxing had to brave the situation and have the water along with the tune of krack-track-krack-track.

Are we also behaving like the horse? Are we also offering excuses for not doing this or that? Are we waiting for a phase of life to get over before we start doing certain things? Are we waiting for our children to get married, before we start helping out in society? Are we waiting for the children’s exams to get over before we start going for a walk? Are we waiting to earn a certain amount, before we start donating for the lesser fortunate?

Time and tide wait for no one. If you really want to do something, start doing it now. Do it while you can, for who knows whether you may be able to do it later or not.