Learn The Technique Of Motivation!

A foreman, who was given the charge of a gang of extremely lazy labourers, asked them to dig ten feet holes near a large steel mill. The lazy workers were further agitated when they were told to dig the holes here and there. As time went by, they kept digging, and finally they dug up nine holes. They could not understand why they were being made to dig so many holes near the factory. They also grew desperate, tired and extremely agitated. They decided to stop right there and not to work anymore. As they were about to retire, the foreman told them something which made them spring back to action forgetting all their agitation and tiredness.

The foreman told them that he was actually looking for a broken pipe which supplied water to the quarters where these workmen resided. The labourers sprang back to work at once.

To work without a definite goal is not just uninspiring, but also difficult. On the other hand, when a man knows the purpose of what he is doing, he is able to focus better, be more sincere and diligent in what he is doing. In the absence of any specific objective, it is very difficult to get into action with full dedication and devotion. Another perspective to this is that if a person believes that he stands to gain from a particular activity, his enthusiasm rises automatically.