Lessons From Nature

One evening, as I strolled on the lawns of one of my friends, the picturesque beauty of the creations around touched my heart deeply. The cool breeze from the sylvan trees, the melodious notes of the cuckoo, the colourful butterflies hovering over the attractive flowers – all of them seemed to be vying with each other to contribute their best. In comparison, a feeling of helplessness overpowered me as I realized “I am a human being and yet I have done so little.”

“Your task is to build a better world”, prompted my inner vice. As the huge complicated world unfolded before me, I stood there like a tiny dot. I wondered, “There is nothing I can do. I am so small and frail.” It was then that I heard the loving whisper of my dear Sai, “ My dear Child, just build a better you.”

It is the culmination of good habits that result in a good character. If we sow the seeds of good habits at an early age, we will surely reap the harvest of a worthy character. Every time we think, speak or act, let us ponder thus: “Is this going to please Sai”? If we strictly adhere to this, we would definitely make this world a better place to live in, by our good thoughts, words and actions. The power of discrimination is the greatest gift of God to mankind and this will positively aid in building a better ‘me’ and a better ‘you’.