Life’S Boxes

Each one of us has been given two boxes by the Lord. One is pure white, engraved with gold and studded with precious stones. The other is black. As we go through the vagaries of life, the white box becomes heavier and heavier, but the black one feels just as light as it used to be.

One day, I opened the black box out of curiosity and was surprised to see a hole in its bottom. I asked God, “God, why did you give me a box with a hole?” He said, “My Child, this box is meant to collect your sorrows, and the hole, is for them to fall out and come to me. I pick up all your sorrows, as they fall out from under the box.”

“And, the White box, Lord?” asked I in wonder. “That is for you to collect your joys and count your blessings, my child, for I am always there to give to you.”

Remember never to plug the hole in the black box, it is meant to be there. Just surrender everything to Him. Let God be in command, for He alone knows how to turn sorrows into joy. He alone knows what to give and what to take, what to make and what to break.

Remember also, to count your blessings, and say “Thank you, Lord.” Last but not the least, remember to do your best to make the world a mite better by your presence, for one good turn, surely deserves another.