Lion Or The Lame Fox!

Lion Or The Lame Fox!

“If you choose to remain inactive, it is an indication of Thamoguna (quality of sloth and inaction leading to ignorance)! That is even worse than Rajoguna.” (Bhagwan Baba)

An ascetic went into the forest to meditate. He was always worried about his food and sustenance. One day he saw a lion killing a deer. The lion ate some of it and left the rest. As soon as the lion left, a lame fox came and ate the deer flesh. When the fox limped away, there came some vultures that pecked at every shred of flesh and cleaned up the skeleton. The ascetic thought, “The lame fox and the vultures got their food without having to work for it. God takes care of every one of His creatures. So why should I bother about my food and waste my time looking for it. I should spend my time in meditation and God shall arrange to send my food to me.”

So, the ascetic sat in a cave to meditate. Time and again he would feel the pangs of hunger and would open one eye to check if the food had arrived, but nothing edible seemed to be coming his way. When he could bear the pangs of hunger no longer, he prayed to God, “Oh Lord! Do you love the lame fox and the vultures more than you love me? Do you care for them more? Won’t you send me some food? I am going to die of Hunger.”

Then God said, “My child! Why do you want to be like the lame fox or the vultures? Be like the lion. Work for your food; earn it by your efforts. And don’t forget to save some for giving to others in charity. That is the right thing to do. You are healthy and strong, get up and get going!”

Laziness never gets us anywhere. It is up to us. Do we want to be like the self-reliant lion or the vultures or the lame fox?”