Lord – You Are My Only Hope

Lord – You Are My Only Hope

The King of the land, was preparing for a ‘Maha-Yajna’ to appease the Goddess so as to bless the queen with a worthy son, for there was no ‘heir to the throne’. A human sacrifice of a young boy was to be made in offering to the Goddess. Who would oblige the king? Jeevan, stared into the starved faces of his three sons and thought, ‘If I sell one of them to the king, I can feed the other two with the money I earn in this bargain’. The eldest was the only one who could share his father’s burden at work, so he should not be sold. His wife held the youngest, close to her breast and said, ‘I shall die without him!’ So, the middle one, Sagun, was sold to the king.

As, Sagun, sat waiting for the day of sacrifice, he was lonely and dejected. The king noticed that Sagun had made three heaps of mud in his room. He had kicked away the first and second mounds of mud and just kept staring at the third as he waited. Curiosity got the better of the king, and he eventually asked Sagun to explain. Sagun said, ‘Sir, the first heap represented my parents, who had the worldly responsibility of my wellbeing, but they sold me to you for a pittance. So, I have kicked away my attachment with them’.

‘Sir, the second heap denoted you, the protector of all the subjects of your kingdom. You have purchased me to be sacrificed so that you can beget a son. You will sacrifice one son of the soil to gain another. You have lost your place in my heart, so I have kicked away the second heap too’.

‘The third heap my Lord, is that of God, I am waiting; perhaps He will save me, He is my only hope now’.

The king realized what a grave mistake he was going to make. Sagun was adopted as the kings son, and needless to say, was coronated as the ‘heir to the throne’.

If only we call out to the Lord with an earnest heart, He does come to our aid.