Manage Your Burden

An expert in stress management was giving a lecture. To illustrate his subject he held up a glass of water in the class and asked, “How long do you think I can hold this glass up, like this?” There were many answers, like. “Five minutes”; “Eight minutes”; “Fifteen minutes”; “One hour.” He said, “Well I can hold it up comfortably for five to seven minutes. Beyond that; I can still hold it up, but my arm shall get tired. If I persist in my obstinacy to hold it up further still, my arm muscles shall become sore and I may need to see a doctor to help me ease the pain. If I still continue to hold it up for a few hours, I may be so badly fatigued, that I may faint and you would have to resort to emergency measures to revive me. You may even need to call an ambulance to take me to a hospital.”

Then the expert put the glass down on the table, rubbed his hands together and said, “Why is it that although the weight of the glass remains the same, it starts to feel heavier and heavier?” No one had any answer to his question. “The point I want you to understand is, that we cannot carry a burden all the time on our backs. If the journey is long and our back gets tired, we need to put the burden down and rest our backs. Then we can pick it up and resume work”.

Work while you work and play while you play. When you go home from your place of work, leave your work right there. Leave the office, at the office and leave the home at home.

Create a place for everything in your life and then put everything into its proper place. Stress can lead to distress, but if you learn to de-stress; you shall have no cause for distress.

Last but not the least:
If ever in life, your burden becomes too heavy to carry, just pray to God. He shall either lighten your burden or He shall strengthen you back!”