Me, My, Mine

Once upon a time there was a youngman. He was studying Engineering. A girl doing her BA was living next door. When the young man was in final year this girl fell ill with typhoid. She became very critically ill and had to be admitted to intensive care. In fact for two or three days they felt she may not survive. The young man came to know of all this. He felt sorry for her but it did not worry him in any way; he went about his classes as usual. Two years down the line the young man had finished his course and got a job. The girl next door had finished her BA. The young man’s parents were looking for a suitable match. The next-door girl’s horoscope was a perfect match. Soon the wedding took place.

A week after the wedding the girl caught a cold; nothing serious, just fever and cold. But the young man was so worried. He wanted to rush her to the doctor!’ Baba says, see what a difference had come about in his attitude. When the same girl was nearly dying, two years ago, it had not affected him at all. Now for a mere cold he was panicking. Why? Because now he felt “My wife is ill” All human ‘love’ caring’ and attachments are thus essentially selfish; and relate to mine and thine. God alone loves us unconditionally ALWAYS; and He is with us always.