Medicine Is According To The Disease

Every day any one of Rama Krishna’s disciples used to go to Calcutta from Dakshineswar on a boat and fetch items for the Asram. One day, it was Brahmananda’s turn. He was sitting in a corner of the boat and was immersed in meditation. One passenger from the city pointed his finger at Brahmananda and told other passengers in a loud voice, “Rama Krishna had no work to do. He is gathering this type of disciples, making them lazy and is spoiling them”. Brahmananda was of a soft nature. Considering any argument to be a wasteful exercise, he remained silent, while feeling sorry that he had to listen to abuses about the Guru.

Brahmananada conveyed to Rama Krishna in the evening about all that happened on the boat that day. Vivekananda heard Brahmananda’s word. Rama Krishna rebuked Brahmananda saying, “How could you keep quiet listening to the abuses upon your guru! How do you call yourself devoted to The Guru!”

A few days after that, it was Vivekananda’s turn to go to Calcutta. That day, another person started abusing Rama Krishna and his disciples. That was it! Vivekananda stood up in anger, went near, held his neck and said, “If you utter one more word about my Guru I will throw you into the river.” The boatman cautioned that person saying, “Sir! Be careful. He is capable of doing what he said!” There was a commotion in the boat; and every one remained silent.

After returning to the asharm, Vivekanananda informed Rama krishna all that happened on the boat. Rama Krishna listened and said, “What you wear is an ocher robe. Shame, shame why such an anger sans patience that is essential to a Sanyasi!”

After a while Vivekanada approached Rama Krishna and asked reverentially, “Guruji, you found fault with Brahmananda, the other day, for remaining silent when someone was talking ill of the Guru. Today you are finding fault with me for having confronted the one jeering at you. What is the message to us?” Paramahamsa smiled and said, “Treatment must be in accordance with the disease. Brahmananda is by nature mild. He is totally lacking anger. That is why I cautioned him in that manner. You have a haughty temperament; you need to acquire patience.”

Vivekanananda then understood the inner significance of Rama Krishna’s exhortations which varied according to the nature of the disciples.