Message Of The Gita!

Once a king had announced in his open assembly that he would award a bounty to any person who would explain the proper meaning of a particular stanza of the Gita.

“Who so ever worships me without thinking of any other person or thing, I shall look after all his needs” – was its message.

Many scholars came up with brilliant explanations. But none could satisfy the king. One poor scholar had also tried his luck , but failed twice. The offer was kept open, and the king was prepared to allow any number of attempts from scholars. This poor scholar was determined to convince the king some how, and to this end he engaged himself day and night seeking solution to this tricky stanza, with a view to end his poverty. Looking at his plight , his wife told him, ‘Why should you struggle so much in order to convince this fickle minded king? Why should you worry about the failures? Let us follow the purport of the stanza, and repose full responsibility on God.”

The poor scholar was convinced by her logic. Immediately he wrote a note and sent to the king saying that he would not attend the royal court any more, as he was determined to take total refuge on God, and nobody else.

The next day, the king came to his house, praised him saying that his letter had fully conveyed the real meaning of the stanza of the Gita; and he honoured the scholar with a bounty of presents.

What is the use of merely stuffing the mind with the Gita recitation, like playing a gramophone record over and over. The Bhagawad Gita is not a mere book. It is the voice of God. Its sacredness has to be imbibed through actions, not mere recitations or preaching.