Michaelangelo was a great sculptor. He was also a great perfectionist. Once he was making a sculpture when a friend happened to visit him. The friend saw him doing the finishing touches and praised the beautiful work of art.

Some days later, the friend came to see Michaelangelo again and found that he was working on the same statue. It looked just the same to him as it had on his previous visit, so he said casually, “It seems you have been working on some other statues in these past few days; or have you been relaxing?”

Michaelangelo replied, “I’ve been working each day on this one only. I’ve been polishing some parts, sharpening some lines and softening some features. I’ve been adding muscle and energy to the arms and making the lips more determined.”

The friend said, “Tch! Tch! What a waste of time! These things have no significance. These are mere trifles; yet you pay so much attention to them!”

Michaelangelo replied slowly but surely, “They may be mere trifles my friend, but trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle!”