Nature And Life!

Learn a lesson from the stream. It rushes to the hollows, never to the heights. Bend before the lowly, the humble, the godly, the good; don’t bend before the proud, the promoters of hate and greed.

Learn the lesson in selfless service, forbearance, tolerance from the tree. Determination is one of the traits of spider. Conjugal fidelity is supreme quality among parrots. Man can learn any number of good qualities from animals, birds, insects and worms.

There is no need for you to follow this person or that person in the search of a Guru. The heart full of compassion is the altar of God. Nature is the best preacher. Life is the best teacher.

Fill yourselves with awe and reverence at the handiwork of God, the manifestation of His Power and Glory that is called the World.

This is enough instruction and enough inspiration for us. The universe is a vast text- book. By properly studying what is happening in the cosmos we can learn any number of lessons.