New Life!

Over the years I have sponsored several children through the organization, Children International, and I have always been amazed at the difference between the first picture I get and the second. I got my second picture of the little girl that I sponsor overseas the other day. It made me smile from ear to ear when I saw it.

In the first picture I am always shocked by what I see. There is a gauntness in their cheeks that speaks of too many nights going to bed with not enough to eat. There is a hollowness in their eyes that reflects days spent in sickness and misery. There is no smile on their lips… Instead their faces are full of fear and despair. It is like their lives are over before they have even begun. When I get the second picture, my heart always leaps with joy. I see how they have changed. Their face look so beautiful the fear has fled and been replaced by hope. It is like their lives have begun anew.

I remember once after I gave a few dollars to a homeless person, a skeptical friend asked me if it was really worth the effort. “Yes it is!” I said. “It is always worth it!” Now as I look at those two faces of my little sponsor child, my answer is the same. It is always worthwhile to give. It is always worthwhile to love.

It is always worthwhile to help another person. The smallest smile, the tiniest gift, the littlest act of kindness can change another’s forever.