No Gains Without Pains!

There was a gardener who used to water the plants in the garden carrying a pot on his head from dawn to dusk.

One day while carrying the pot he got a headache and wanted to lay down the pot and go home. At that moment, the pot taught him a valuable lesson. The pot said: “Oh man! There can be no fruit without labour, no pleasure without pain. I was just mere dust and mud, trodden upon by people.

The potter gathered that mud, turned it into clay by pressing it under his feet, and made a pot from it by whirling the clay on his wheel. Finally I was placed in a kiln for firing.

Whoever came to buy me, tapped on my sides with strength to test my hardness. It was because I went through all these ordeals I earned the privilege of dancing on the heads of people. If I had not gone through all these trials, how could I have achieved this eminence?