No Problem

A man was driving home, when he was accosted by highway robbers. They took away all his money, his cell phone and his car. They beat him up and threw him on the roadside. After some time, another car passed that way and the man managed to stop the driver and requested for a lift. The driver helped the man into the car, gave him his own cell phone and said, “Dial the police first and tell them about your problem”. The man dialed and said, “Officer, I have a challenge for you. My green Cielo car, No XYZ 123 has been robbed from the National Highway 7 near Karnal. The robbers would be nearing Panipat any minute. Can you catch them…?”
When he hung up, the driver said, “You didn’t make it sound like you are in trouble. They’ll never take you seriously.” He said, “I’m not in trouble. You came to my aid even before I prayed to God.” He smiled at the kind driver and said, “Now, I have a challenge for you. I am a patient of asthma. My oxygen cylinder and nebulizer were also in my car. I need to take a whiff of oxygen. But I’ll surely survive for ten minutes. The nearest hospital is ten kilometers away on the left of the highway. Can we make it in time?” The driver smiled back bravely and said, “No problem, my friend.”

To produce positive results, to instill confidence, we must use words that produce positive mental images. Words are raw material for thoughts. We think and imagine only in images i.e. pictures. Every word heard or read creates a picture in the mind of the listener. When you speak, you are in the position of a projector showing a movie in the other guy’s mind. The reaction of the person shall be in line with the picture you are able to create.
The next time you think you have a problem on your hands; remember:
Pose a challenge; don’t pose a problem!