Nobody Is Perfect

Nobody Is Perfect

A young man Sreeman wanted to marry the most beautiful and accomplished girl in the world. His parents introduced him to many girls over the years, but he always found some fault in each. “She is too short!” “Her eyes are very narrow.” “She laughs too loud.” “She doesn’t speak good English.” “She is plump.” “She isn’t confident!” “She has curly hair, I like only straight hair!” Such were the excuses he made. He was getting on in years and it seemed quite possible that he would never marry at all.

One day his Uncle came to stay. Sreeman’s mother took her brother into confidence. Being seized of the matter, Uncle told Sreeman, “Hey! How about going to the river tomorrow for some fun?” “Sounds good,” replied Sreeman. So at the break of dawn the Uncle – Nephew duo made their way to the river. There they were to hire a boat to go for a joy ride at the river.

There was a vendor, renting out motor boats. Sreeman said, “That’s a nice one. Let’s take it.” “No,” said Uncle. “It’s much too noisy. Let’s look further.”

They looked at a paddle boat and Sreeman looked inclined towards taking it, “The exercise will do us good, let’s try it,” he said. “No, too much work. I’d prefer to relax,” said Uncle.

They walked a little further; there was a rowing boat there. The nephew said, “That one should be fine.” Uncle was quick to retort, “It’s shabby and old. I can’t even think of sitting in it.”

They looked at another small boat. Before the nephew could approve of it, Uncle said, “It’s too small. I’d feel unsafe in it.”

Sreeman was quite irritated by now. He said, “Uncle, what’s your problem? Why are you bent upon finding fault with each one of them? We just need the boat for a ride. How does it matter? We can’t keep on waiting to find the right one!”

Uncle said, “Aren’t you to finding fault all the time! How long will you keep waiting for the right one?” Sreeman was taken aback, “What do you mean?” he said.

“A wife is meant to be a life companion. She doesn’t have to look like a model or a Bollywood star. She doesn’t have to be an intellectual wizard. She just has to be a good person. Compatibility and love come by and by. But if you keep on finding faults, you shall surely die a bachelor. When you are not perfect, how can you expect to get a girl who is perfection personified?”

If you must find fault, first do so with yourself. The best thing that you can do to make your life better, is to build a better you! Everything in life cannot be perfect. Only God is perfect. One must learn to adjust and accept.