Oh My God!

Yes, tell me ? Who’s this?
Your God.
Goodness gracious! What the hell are you doing here?
I am goodness and I am gracious. You called me, so I came.
What? No, no . I didn’t call you.
Yes, you did my child. You said, “Oh my God!’
Uh! That was just a figment of speech. I didn’t mean to call you. I mean, I didn’t mean anything.
Oh! But that’s the way people usually call me, so I came.
Okay! but I didn’t call you. Anyways, I’m sorry I disturbed you, and I think you better go now, because I have nothing to say to you and anyways my life is already in enough of a mess without my having to deal with you. Don’t add to any problems.
You didn’t disturb me, my child, I love it when people call me. Your life is a mess because you are not dealing with me and I didn’t come to add to your problems. I came to help you get rid of them.
Oh! that’s very kind of you. But I’d rather be alone and I don’t even believe in you. I’m not the type of guy who goes to Mandirs and all.
I’m not that type of guy too!
Anyways you wouldn’t want to be hanging around with me. You don’t know the things I do.
I know them all!
I can say an awful lot of dirty things.
I know, I hear them all the time.
I think of crazy things; things you wouldn’t like to know.
Sure, but I still know them. I’m used to different children of mine doing different things…
I never go to the temple and anyways I know exactly what some of my friends who go to the temples, churches and mosques do. They are as bad as me if not worse.
I know that too. But I don’t like to compare. Each one of my children is unique.
But how can you be God? I don’t believe what you are saying.
I am God and so are you. The only difference is I know it and you don’t.
I’m definitely not God, even if you are! But why would you come to me? I don’t even go to the temple!
Even I don’t. People think I live there but I don’t.
Then why do people go to meet you there? Aren’t those temple goers your devotees?
Not all of them! But some of them are. My devotees know that I live in their hearts and they live in mine.
You mean you actually live in their hearts?
Yes, I live in the heart of each one of my devotees. Even in yours. You see I am in you and you are in me!
Oh! How is it possible that you live in my heart. I mean I’m not that goody-goody kind of person. And I never even pray.
That’s okay. I don’t insist on prayer. All I want is for you to be sincere in all that you do. All I expect is that you love all beings around you and serve those in need. I am happy when you help the needy. Prayer is just chatting with me. But even if you don’t do it, it’s okay. I see you all day and kind of like the way you conduct yourself, so I love you!
Whoa! You love me? What for? I mean I didn’t do anything for you and I don’t even love you anyways.
That’s what you think! But when you love my people you love me. Sarva jiwa namaskaaram, Kesavam Pratigatchathi.
Hold on! Hold on! What is that mumbo-jumbo?
It means that no matter to whom one offers salutations, it ultimately goes only to God.
That’s sounds cool! And when we abuse, where does that go?
Sarva jiva tiraskaaram, kesavam pratigatchathi.
That sounds like Greek to me; or even Spanish.
It’s neither. It’s Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas. It means, No matter who one abuses, those abuses also ultimately reach only the Lord. I never thought of it that way. Few people do!
You seem to be fun to chat with. Can we be friends?
I have always been your friend. You don’t remember, but I do. Anyways, you can get to know me better, if you be-friend me now.
Wow! Not many people have God for a friend. In fact very few people know you… right? I always thought you were the no-nonsense type of guy. I mean you don’t like to have fun and all.
Yes, you are right, not many people know me. But let me share with you, that I like to have fun. I like to play and laugh with my children. Sure, I do! Or, I would get lonely, you know. I love it when people talk to me, even if its about their problems. The world is changing, so problems keep changing too. I have to find new solutions every time.
So how do you convey them to people?
It’s simple. I do it through people like you.
Me? No way, I can’t go and give your messages to people. I not the Godly types who wears orange garb and sits in front of a mike to preach to people.
No! No! Don’t get me wrong. Come on, now we are friends. I don’t want you to wear any special clothes. Nor gather people and preach to them. Just talk to your friends about our chat. Tell them that if they call me, I can go to them. Honest! I go to any one, who calls me. Tell them that I love them all, even if they don’t do all the right stuff.
Mmm, that shouldn’t be too difficult. May be I’ll try.
It won’t be difficult I promise you. Try it, just once or twice. And keep in touch.
Yes, I will. I love you.
I love you too!