Own Address

A rich man went to Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and said: “I’ve heard that Goddess Mahakali herself comes to meet you.”

Sri Ramakrishna: “Yes, that is true.”
“When does she come?”
“That is not fixed. Is there a particular time when the gods and the saints pay visit? They come at their own goodwill.”
“I want that you should help me a little. Whenever the Goddess Mahakali comes to your place next time do send her to my house also.”

This person appeared very clever to Sri Ramakrishna, therefore He said: “That’s OK! But you give me your address?”

The richman wrote his address on a piece of paper & gave it to Sri Ramakrishna. Then Sri Ramakrishna said: “Is this your address”
“Yes Sir! This is definitely my address.”

“No, this is the address of your body. I can send the Mother (Goddess) only if you give me your address.”

“My address!” The rich person was bewildered.

Sri Ramakrishna smiled and said: “How can a person invite the Mother (Goddess) without knowing his own address?”

The rich person stepped back silently and went away. This is a fact! How can a person who thinks of the address of his body as his own address invite God? But he who comes to know of his address does not need to invite God because, God Himself seeks such people and is always with them.