Peace Is Real Ornament

Those were the days when Gautama Budha was treading across the country spreading his sacred message. One day he was going round the village for seeking alms from house holders. But the head of the village with his arrogance and ill temper had compelled all villagers not to provide any alms to the Buddha and to boycott him and his disciples. Even though the villagers held Buddha in great reverence, they could not dare to oppose the village head.

The all knowing Buddha had first been to the house of the village head himself, stood there and uttered, “Bhavathi bhiksham dehi”. The village head heaped abuses upon Buddha and his disciples, saying, “Get lost, you mendicant! You look like a buffalo, why don’t you do some work to eat livelihood! Why should you indulge in begging! You are spoilt and you are also spoiling your followers”.

Buddha smiled and said, “Sir you are educated. Can you clear my doubt!” The village head asked, “What is it?” Buddha said, “Suppose you wished to help some one by giving money, and he refused, to accept. Then who would the money belong to?” The village head replied, “Of course, it is my money. It should belong to me only”. Buddha said, “In that case, the alms of rebuke which you are giving to me now, should go back to you because I am refusing to take it!” The wise and peaceful words of Buddha brought about a transmutation of attitude in the head of the village. He too started revering Buddha along with all others of the village.

Humility is the hallmark of education. Jealously and ego will lead to ignominy. Peace is the real ornament.