Pebbles And The "Ping!" Sound

A young man wanted to cross a river. It was not yet morning, it was pitch dark. So he thought he would sit and wait for sunrise. As he was walking he tripped over something. He picked it up and saw that it was a bag with some stones in it. He looked at it, sat on the rock next to the river, picked up one stone and threw it into the river. Ping! – it made this noise and since it was quiet all around the sound kept on ringing for a few moments. As the ripples went on in the water in increasing concentric circles, he always felt the same for each sound. It was a very pleasant sensation.

After some moments he threw yet another stone and again got the sensual pleasure through the sound “Ping!”

After some moments he threw yet another stone, and so on and so on, till he had only one stone left.

By that time dawn was breaking and some light was there and he saw the stone – it was a beautiful, large, precious, diamond!

The stones are our time. We keep on wasting time by throwing / whiting it away. By the time we release, its too late. Time and opportunities do not last for ever.