Perfect Fit

A farmer had two sons named Rehmat and Naman. They both served their parents dutifully. Each of them was eager to serve better than the other to please their parents. Some times this competition to outdo each other would become unhealthy and was becoming a cause of concern for the parents.

One day the father thought of a plan. He asked each of his sons to go and earn a living for himself. Both were directed to return after a month. Rehmat went into town and joined a blacksmith for training. It was hard work, but he toiled day and night to learn the trade because he wanted to please his father. As the month drew to an end, Rehmat thought of taking home a gift for his father. So, he fashioned a sickle out of pig iron. It was just the kind father would like. He felt happy that his father would find it useful in the harvesting season.

Naman too went to town. He started working with a carpenter and learnt wood cutting and carving. Towards the end of the month, he to thought of what best he could take home as a gift. He carved out a wooden handle of a sickle for his father. It would be just the right size to fit into the contours of his fathers fist and he could replace the old sickle’s handle with a brand new one.

Both the sons returned home happy. Each thought that he would out do the other by presenting the perfect gift. When they presented the gifts, father started smiling. He said, “Each of the gifts is perfect and beautiful. But, of what use is one without the other?” He put the two together and fastened the screws. They were a perfect fit.

….. So too, each member of the family has his or her own importance. It is only when they are held together by the screws (i. e. the parents) in the right fashion that they make a perfect fit. Harmony is not just about uniting but it is haar-maani i. e. I lose and you win!

A family is not just a couple and their children, family actually means:

Father And Mother I Love You.