Practice Before Preaching!

One day an old woman brought a boy with her and prayed to Rama Krishna Parma Hamsa thus “Swami! He is my grand son. His mother died, and so I am his guardian. He craves for sweets. He eats them with no control whatever. Doctors advised him to desist from sweets; but he does not care. He has great regard for you. He will give heed to your advice. You must convince him.” Ram Krishna thought for a while and said “Mother! please bring the boy to me again after one month.”

The old woman returned with the boy after one month. Rama Krishna called the boy near and said lovingly “Dear, you can achieve anything worth while only if you have a healthy body. I am telling this in your own interest. You must promise me that you will not eat too many sweets here after.” The boy promised accordingly.

Before leaving, the old woman wished to obtain a clarification and said “Swami! I have a doubt. You could as well have given this advice to the boy one month earlier, that was when we approached you first time!” Rama Krishna smiled and said “Mother! I myself was fond of sweets. I practiced and succeeded in avoiding sweets through the month. Therefore, I have the authority now to preach to him to desist from sweets.”