Practice Namasmarana

Here is a beautiful Chinna Katha our beloved Bhagwan often narrates to show how human effort is necessary for even divine grace. Bhagvan has often said that “Divine grace is like the sun, one should only open one’s heart to receive it.”

But very often man is not ready to accept God’s grace. One day a woodcutter was cutting the same branch on which he was seated. Goddess Parvati in Kailash, was very concerned on seeing the woodcutter. She immediately told Shiva to go and rescue the woodcutter. An argument broke out between them and finally they arrived at a compromise. They agreed that if the woodcutter shouted “APPA” (father) as he fell, Lord Shiva would rescue him. And if he shouted “AMMA” (Mother), Goddess Parvati would rush to his rescue. The divine couple watched on. The inevitable happened and with a fear stricken heart the man shouted…. “AYYOOOO” as he fell on to the ground.

Practice leads to perfection. Unless we practice the Sadhana of Namasmarana in our every day lives, we will be unable to chant the name of God when death knocks at our door. Baba says “God is simple, everything else is complex”. That is why Namasmara is the easiest way to commune with God and to merge in God.