Prayer Must Emanate From Heart, Where God Resides And Not From The Head Where Doctrines And Doubts Clas!

Ramdas of Bhadhrachalam used to write on palm leaves hundreds of songs on his favorite Deity, Rama; the leaves accumulated into a gigantic pile.

One day, Ramdas stood by its side and wondered, “Am I the fellow who wrote all this? Did I write them for my satisfaction or for pleasing Rama?”

He wanted to know those songs which had pleased Rama, and fling away those which did not. He decided to throw the whole bundle into the Godavari River and let Rama save those which He approved. Almost the whole lot sank in the depths; only 108 floated and were recovered.

They alone had arisen from the heart; the rest smacked of cleverness, artificiality, the Dweller in the Heart.