Praying With Concentration!

Sant Kabir and his disciples held their prayers every evening under a tree. In the vicinity lived some jealous and disgruntled persons who wanted to harass Kabir.

On one such evening when Kabir and his disciples closed their eyes and started to pray, the disgruntled group began to beat their drums very loudly.

The disciples could not bear such tolerance of Kabir who did not say a word and continued his prayers. Later they said “Kabirji, you should have reprimanded them for causing a disturbance.” Kabir asked, “Did you really hear the noise that they made?” “Yes, of course,” they replied. “What were you doing then?” asked Kabir. “We were praying,” came the reply. “If you were really praying with all concentration you would not have been able to hear the noise. That alone is real prayer where, you are oblivious of the surroundings.”