Produce Quality Goods

A company, dealing in dog food, was holding its annual sales convention. The sales personnel were brimming with ideas. The advertising director introduced a point-of-sales scheme that would revolutionize the industry. The sale director extolled the virtues of the best sales force in the business. Finally it was time for the president to go to the podium and make his closing remarks.

“Over the past few days”, he began, “We’ve heard from all our division heads, their wonderful plans for the coming years. Now that we draw to close, I have only one question. If we have the best advertising, the best marketing strategy and the best sales force, how come we sell less dog food than anyone else in the business?”

There was pin-drop silence in the convention hall. Finally, after what seemed like forever, a weak voice answered from the back of the room, “Because dogs hate it!”

Don’t overlook the obvious. See the underlying cause from every angle.