Proof Of God

Newton had a friend who was an atheist scientist, and one day he paid a visit when Newton had just finished making his solar system machine. The man saw the machine and started cranking the handle of the machine, and the planets went round. He asked, “Who made this?” Newton stopped writing and said, “Nobody did.” Then he carried on writing.

The man said, “You didn’t hear me. Who made the machine? Newton replied,”I told you. Nobody did.”

“Now listen, Isaac, this marvelous machine must have been made by somebody don’t keep saying that nobody made it.”

At which point Isaac Newton stopped writing and got up. He looked at him and said, “Now isn’t that amazing? I tell you that nobody made a simple toy like that and you don’t believe me. Yet you gaze out into the solar system – the intricate marvelous machine that is around you-and you dare say to me that no one made that. I don’t believe it.”

The story goes that the atheist went away and he was no longer an atheist. He was suddenly converted to the idea that God was behind the laws that were found in creation.