Purity Of Mind!

It is the thought that counts- One day while Karna was taking on oil bath, he held the gold cup in his left hand, and with right fingers, he was applying oil on his body. A vedic scholar had approached him at that time, and urged for financial help.

Karna at once extended his left hand and gifted away the gold cup to him. The scholar then asked, “Oh King! You have earned great fame for your charities. Added to that, you are well versed in Dharmic Scriptures. Is it fair on your part to offer this cup of oil with your left hand!” Karna replied, “Oh, noble scholar! I don’t think that you are unaware of the power of mind. This fickle mind might change its decision during this little span of time that is while changing the cup from the left to the right hand. You asked for money and I gave you the gold cup that could serve your purpose. Beyond this, I had no other thought at the moment.” The scholar was satisfied with these words of Karna.

God looks at our thoughts and feelings; but not the external rituals. Any thing done with a good mind will have a good result.