Rain Drops

The rains had failed to come. It was a hot summer. Men, animals, trees and grasses seemed parched by the scorching heat of the blazing sun. The streams and rivulets had long since dried up and the cows needed milking no more. Fetching water from the river was expensive and time consuming; but it had to be done, to keep the family alive, in anticipation that the rains would come and shower the blessing of life on the farm and all on it.

His father had caught little Shaurya yesterday, wasting water while brushing his teeth. Father was annoyed and Shaurya knew that he had made a terrible mistake, so he was just trying to escape father’s attention.

All afternoon while mother was resting, she noticed that Shaurya was going up and down from the farm to the edge of the Eucalyptus plantation. Finally, she decided to find out what he was up to. She quietly followed him. His hands were cupped in front of him, obviously holding water. He walked on his toes, being careful not to spill even a drop of water. As Shaurya neared the trees, mother saw six wild rabbits. A small rabbit was lying on the grass, his tongue hanging out, as if he was dying of thirst. Shaurya held out his hands in front of the rabbit. It lapped up the drops as if they were nectar from the Gods. Mother was barely able to stop herself from screaming at the sight of the wild, unruly looking rabbits. But, they did not rise to harm the child. She hid behind a tree, to see her son run back to the house, collect water again in his hands from a nearly dry tank and tip toe back onto his mission.

As mother stepped out into the clearing, Shaurya looked at her, his eyes full and said, “I’m not wasting, Mama!” That day Mother learnt from her little angel, the joy of sharing and caring. That day she understood, the saying, “There is only one language – the language of the heart.” The rabbit and Shaurya were communicating through their hearts. No words were needed.

Mother returned to the farm overwhelmed. She poured milk into a bowl and handed it over to Shaurya and said, “This is from Mama, with love for your new friend.” So saying, she hugged him while tears rolled down her eyes. Perhaps God’s heart too was touched for He too started shedding tears, one drop at a time …and soon … it started to rain.