Real Nature

A good way to change someone’s attitude is to change your own. Because, the same sun that melts butter, also hardens clay! Life is as we think, so think beautifully.

In the spiritual Vedantha literatures, there is story of a lion’s cub. Once a pregnant lioness sprang upon a herd of sheep, there it gave birth to a cub. The cub grew there in the herd along with the sheep. The cub also begins to sound like a sheep.

Once a lion finds the cub, when it chased the herd. The lion takes the cub along with it. But the cub is trembling like a sheep.

But the lion teaches and makes the cub to understand that it is the cub of a lion.
The lion says, “You are not a sheep. You are a lion.”

In the same way, the scriptures say that we are not ordinary human beings.
Our real nature is beyond our mind and physical body.

“You are Soul — spirit, is your real nature. You are a divine soul in reality.”