Real Value!

A poor man found a glittering stone on the road. He didn’t know it was a diamond.

A merchant who was passing by saw the stone and decided to cheat the man out of it. He offered him a hundred rupees for the diamond. The man thought it would be worth a little more than that and asked for two hundred rupees.

The merchant haggled with him for some time, and asked the man to wait while he went home to fetch the money.

When the merchant returned, he found that the man had already sold the stone.

“I got five hundred for it,” said the poor man, smiling.

“You fool!” cried the merchant, “It was worth at least a lac of rupees.”

The man laughed and replied, “I don’t know anything about diamonds so I sold it. But you knew the stone’s worth and didn’t take it while you could. So you’re the fool.”