Sant Kabir’S Prayer

“Come, let’s start praying,” said Sant Kabir to his disciples. It was Kabir’s usual practice to pray in the evening. And it was also a usual practice of some antagonists to harass him. When Kabir and his disciples sat to pray, these rowdy people started shouting and making a lot of noise by drum beating and hooting.

Kabir, sitting at the head of the congregation, was a picture of concentration. The eyes shut out the visible world and ears kept out all the noises and sound. It was his disciples who were most disturbed. They could shut their eyes but not their ears.

Anyhow the prayer was over. Sant Kabir was in the same position, straight, erect and calm. After a while he slowly opened his eyes. The eager students immediately complained to him; “Guruji this is the limit.”
“What’s the limit, my friends?” asked the Sant.
“Oh, they were creating a lot of noise. And Guruji, you did not tell them anything!”
“Did they really make a noise? Did you hear it?” asked Kabir surprised.
“Yes indeed.”
“And pray what were you doing at that time?”
“Praying, of course.”
“Then,” said Kabir “You would not have heard the noise. Prayer requires complete concentration.”