Secretive Charity!

In the city of Paris, there lives an old woman. Out of her little daily earning, she used to buy a few blankets and spread them over poor people sleeping in the open cold weather. Gradually, along with her joy out of it, she could earn God’s grace and so her earnings multiplied.

She now used a cart to distribute the blankets. Some one asked her, “Oh the old lady! Even while you are doing a noble service, why do you go back incognito”? She replied humbly, “Dear! What is so great about it! While God is giving me with thousand hands, I could only give with but one hand. That is why I feel ashamed at it”. This is what is called ‘Secretive Charity’.

There is no greater worship than selfless love displayed as natural human tendency. These days, people aspire great publicity even for a little act of charity. They want their names to be published with head lines in news papers. Such kind of charities will not reach God. The merit earned through service to common people is more valuable than the money you save for the sake of your children. This kind of faith and this kind of tradition was prevalent in Bharat since time immemorial.

You must have firm conviction that service to man is service to God; and you must not become a slave to selfishness. There can be no better spiritual practice than this.

“True worship involves helping fellow beings”.